Welcome! We are a middle-age, middle-class couple. Fairly conservative, but enjoy many avenues of fun. We are madly in love, and when we decided to explore domestic discipline, we found it keeps up grounded and has greatly enhanced our healthy, loving relationship. We hope you enjoy our stories as much as we do. We welcome positive comments, and thoughts. Also, feel free to suggest ways we can enhance our new-found love of domestic discipline.


Samuel established Fridays as maintenance night for us. After a long week it provides a coming home type feeling that draws us back together. A sound OTK spanking, typically followed by phenomenal fucking. I feel grounded after Samuel spanks my ass; reminding me that I belong to him, even when surrounded by the chaos of our kids and jobs. Samuel feels back in control, and is reminded that I am committed to him and our lives together.

On this particular Friday we were scheduled to stay in an Airbnb, as we were attending a charity event nearby. Being stressed from the demands of my job, and Samuel’s incredibly busy week, we were looking forward to a night out with friends.

When I entered the Airbnb, I took a sweeping glance around the cute home, taking in its charm. As I looked around, I noticed on the wall to my right, a suede long-handled device hanging from a peg. The suede had holes punched throughout and it was about 4″ x 6″, with a 10″ wooden handle. It appeared to be a hanging there for guest to use, perhaps, as a fly swatter. Smiling to myself, I went on to get ready for our night out.

We spent the night dancing, drinking, kissing, talking with our friends, flirting, laughing, and having a rather enjoyable night. Somehow, the suede leather, long-handled swatter continued to come to my mind. Would he consider using that as part of my maintenance spanking? I certainly hoped he would.

As we were arriving back to the Airbnb, I began to feel the effects of the alcohol, and Samuel made mentioned of me being drunk. My reaction was defensive and I called him an asshole. As I was not thinking clearly, it did not cross my mind that was going to cost me a punishment spanking in the near future and, one that was going to be well delivered (that story will follow).

Realizing how much I love Samuel, I did not want to continue on with this fight, and I asked him for my maintenance spanking. I wanted Samuel to paddle me red, while holding me in his loving arms. Samuel agreed it was time to maintenance my sweet white bottom, but made mention of a punishment to come later for name calling. Nodding in understanding, I shyly and sweetly mentioned the swatter on the wall. Not skipping a beat, Samuel promptly removed the swatter from the peg and examined the device with a smile on his sexy face. Oh, I knew that my ass was going to feel the sting of the swatter, and I shuddered with anticipation.

My slinky dressed was slipped over my head as my panties dropped to the floor. Gently, I was placed over Samuel’s knee. He stroked my ass and placed some light kisses. He began to warm up my bottom with a few swats from his strong hands. Then, suddenly, my ass felt every hole drilled in that suede as my skin gave into the paddle. Over and over, Samuel lowered that suede paddle onto my sexy and waiting ass. Part of me was sorry this was only a maintenance spanking. The suede hurt, but also felt so damn good. Samuel paused as he caressed between my legs, feeling the flowing hot juices. He grabbed my ass and brought the suede paddle down ten more times. To drive home his weekly reminder that I am to behave as he expects, he turned the swatter around and stroked each thigh one time with the handle of the swatter. I quietly cried out as I received the loving reminder. Then, he then tenderly rubbed my paddled red ass, threw me over onto my back and fucked me until we both cried out in pleasure.

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